Atjazz – Track 9 (Mix 1) – Almost there…

We ask, what comes next Atjazz?, You’ve teased us for a year releasing these singular Tracks, and now we wan’t to know, what is at the end of the journey?

“You’ll have to wait and see!” Atjazz

The penultimate original in this killer Track series from Atjazz. Track 9 (Mix 1) leaves a spiritual marker in place, deep and thoughtful yet persistent musical textures and booming house beats. It’s time to close your eyes and take in the music. Atjazz is almost at the end of Part 1 in this series, there a lot more to come as he stamps his assonant trademark on route.

Atjazz joins the troops at Fabric London Feb 10th 2018

Room One:
Dennis Ferrer
CJ Jeff

Room Two: Kemet Deep Sessions
Dave Anthony

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One of New York’s most important house music pioneers joins us on 10th February as Dennis Ferrer lands in Room One. Since his earliest productions in the mid-90s, Ferrer has been a champion for NYC’s definitive house sound. After founding Sfere with Kerri Chandler he pioneered the city’s garage house sound of the 90s, while his sublabel Objektivity has seen him producing deep house alongside names like Jovonn and The Martinez Brothers. Jackathon figurehead Heidi also returns with her vibrant dancefloor aesthetic that she has made known so well on dancefloors worldwide with the success of her international event series. Rounding out the Room One line-up a key artist from the Objektivity family CJ Jeff is also set to perform alongside our own resident Terry Francis.

Room Two then sees David Anthony bring the spirit-warming Afro House tones of Kemet Soul back to Farringdon following the success of his Afro Deep Session back in June 2017. He’s called back upon some of the key artists working in this sound today with Manoo, Atjazz, Rancido and JazzCool invited to perform alongside the label owner.

fabric is an over 19s venue
Please remember to bring ID with you. No ID, no Entry.
fabric operates a zero tolerance policy to drugs. Anyone found with illegal drugs will be banned from the venue and reported to the police.

Rough Or Smooth DJ MIX from Abel!

ROUGH OR SMOOTH offers an emotive body of electronic music. A taste for deep, electronic house music and a passion for traveling sets Abel’s table with a full plate of inspiration, enabling him to dive deeper into his music production. The album features few with Abel standing strong as the main sound provider. Inviting old friend and former studio partner CRAIG JAMES to participate and subsequently MARCEL NOUVEAUX, a soul vocal artist from West London now residing in Sweden.

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00:00 – Craggz New Gaff
03:40 – 02. NYE 2014
08:50 – 03. Tornado (feat. Marcel & Elliott)
15:16 – 04. On The Beach
19:10 – 05. Sweet Jo
25:16 – 06. London Bound
28:53 – 07. Bye Bye Granada (feat. Marcel)
32:32 – 08. Sleepless
36:29 – 09. Sofia
41:00 – 10. Insider
45:23 – 11. Always
49:43 – 12. On The Floor (feat. Atjazz)
54:01 – 13. Shadow Self

ARCo. 2017 – In Review

Our Catalogue makes us very proud, sometimes the days go by and we move onto the next project, and then the next and we do sometimes forget what we’ve achieved, so to give respect to our wonderful releases we asked some of the most discerning industry heads to let us know what they enjoyed most of all.

This is the ARCo. Catalogue 2017 reviewed by Marcia Carr, Osunlade, Fred Everything, At One, Atjazz, Jullian Gomes, Kyri R2 & More…

All of our releases are available from the most supportive download store for independent dance music Wishing all the wonderful staff at Traxsource an excellent year ahead in 2018.

First of all, Hi-Five to our label boss, A&R and general workman Atjazz for his years of dedication to the cause of independent music. His album “That Something Else” saw it’s digital release in 2017, 1 year after the 3x CD was launched in 2016. Check out the album below. This is our Staff pick of the year, Congratulations Martin for sticking with it for over 20 Years.

• Atjazz – 20YA That Something Else

Marc – ‘Coltrane’

A dance floor/club friendly rework, as I would envisage of ‘Giant Steps’ – a volcanic jazz classic.
As an original jazz head, the feature is just fab to introduce clubbers to the past, the roots within black music – and hit them with the groove – it epitomises what Atjazz, the label is about.
Marcia Carr (Mi-Soul / Ladyz B Like)

• Atjazz – Track 7 (Mix 1)

This turned Spring Fiesta upside down when I dropped it!!
Thee Gobbs (The Gobbs Productions / ARCo.)

• At One – Okan

Jam of the year for me is Okan from At One’s EP. All the Track #’s are killer as well of course, proper way to display what house is!
Osunlade (Yoruba Records)

• Atjazz – Track 5 (Mix 1)

Let’s start with the caveat that all of the tracks in this series could stand in this position! But for me, the song, technical production and vibe that is brought by Track 5 Mix 1, is second to none! The track takes house back to the raw, seriously. It’s energetic, emotive and euphoric! It combines a punchy lead with luscious pads and a meaty beat!

I think one of the key elements that makes this track standout so much to me is the arrangement/journey. The arrangement builds around the lead as the key foundation of the track (it’s always there!). As the lead grows, so does the beat; as the beat grows, so do the other elements of the track and once a precipice is reached, the track breaks into a raw dubby vibe! Every element of the track compliments each of its surrounding elements and thus its sonic is beautiful!

It’s great for a DJ to mix and for the listener to be engrossed in the journey. It’s one of those tracks that as a producer you listen to it, and you just can’t pull it apart. You want to remix it, but you know you can’t beat the original! Job done Mr. Iveson!
At One (Yoruba Records / Atjazz Record Company)

• Jullian Gomes – 1000 Memories (feat. Sio)

Jullian Gomes’ album has many good songs, but 1000 Memories has had a profound effect on me, Sio’s beautiful vocal is an emotional listen that I never want to end. It is so hooky and infectious, and honestly one of my favourite house tunes ever in my 30 years as a DJ. Oh and if that wasn’t enough the addition of Fred Everything and Atjazz Galaxy Aart mixes make a complete single release.
Abel (Atjazz Record Company)

• Track 3 (Mix 1)

One of those tracks that instantly connect from first hearing. Deep, melodic and bumping all at once.
Kyri (R2 Records)

• Track 6 (Mix 1)

Classic Atjazz, kept highly in rotation.
Jullian Gomes (Atjazz Record Company)

• Marc – Coltrane

In a world and industry filled with uncertainty you always look for something to make you stay in the game, a reminder of what you got into this and why you need to do this, for me, this is Atjazz Records… amongst the many solid releases that focus on different musical genres of House Music it’s main body focus on the jazz and soul of it all.

“Coltrane” steps into the light and always made me feel like i can play this at peak hour or ending a great set be it at home or on the road, solid release on a solid label, looking so forward to see what Atjazz records has for us in 2018, here is to 20 more. God Speed.
Mr. V. (Sole Channel)

• Systm B – Satisfaction

Truly what I think is a superb orchestration of electronic instruments delivering more than the sum of its parts! I love what Systm B is, I love what his music stands for, realism.
Atjazz (Atjazz Record Company / Yoruba Records / Suol)

Introducing “Abel” Our newest deep house hero!

Welcome to the family Abel!

ROUGH OR SMOOTH offers an emotive body of electronic music. A taste for deep, electronic house music and a passion for traveling sets Abel’s table with a full plate of inspiration, enabling him to dive deeper into his music production. The album features few with Abel standing strong as the main sound provider. Inviting old friend and former studio partner CRAIG JAMES to participate and subsequently MARCEL NOUVEAUX, a soul vocal artist from West London now residing in Sweden.

• Stream & Download:

This album also sees a wonderful cameo appearance from his 7 year old son ELLIOTT. ATJAZZ features throughout the album in differing roles, key to guiding Abel through his process and assisting with additional keyboards and production. Being the Son of a Jazz musician it’s really no wonder his music carries depth, emotion and style yet he incorporates his love of the moody ‘Deep House Sound’ circa 1998, very warm and rather gritty!. An early drifter and never finding comfort sitting still or settling in one place for too long, he found peace in moving continuously through Europe, mainly traveling around France, Austria and Holland. Years later, a chance meeting in Croatia connected Abel with Atjazz, they linked up and worked out two singles.

These releases were suspended pending an album in the making and… “Rough Or Smooth” was born! This is a true journeyman’s Deep House album, generating evocative and stimulating sounds for both the clubber and the specialist looking for a little more depth in their House Music collection.

Atjazz – Track 8 (Mix 1) – Setting himself crazy goals!

No.8 yep, it only seems like yesterday Track 1 (Mix 1) was released and here we are, two tracks away from the finished project.

Taking a left turn at planet crazy, Martin set himself a task to create Track 8 (Mix 1) completely on a Children’s synthesizer. Every single sound source was taken from the Yamaha PSS-50, and yes, of course much editing and audio design took place to get to the frequencies you deserve! Atjazz once again continuing on his musical journey through sound, stamping his assonant trademark on route.

At One – Low Swung Deep House Master!

Back after a short hiatus, At One slaps us awake with “Lucid Perceptions”

Yoruba Records & ARCo. mainstay ‘At One’ is known for his well balanced, well loved productions. His ability to deliver wide sonic spaces and deep depth of sound is unmatched in his arena. Lucid Perceptions is a picture of his soul and skill, this EP is a fundamental necessity for the modern afro-tech house head. Three perfectly designed, weighty chunks of spiritual dance music with amazing density. Solid!

• Stream & Download:

We welcome Systm B to our humble family! x

We welcome one of France’s unsung creators of electronic music to our roster of amazing artists & family. Systm B enters our realm with this, a killer 4 tracker from the French Reviera’s sun drenched coast and what you get here is a superb collection of subtle yet rich techno wizardry.

Download & Stream:

“To me, every pattern is an ecosystem. This moment you feel when you find your own harmony between each element is so precious. It is so liberating. And when that moment is shared, it becomes pure energy.”
– Bruno Gauthier (Systm B)

Get ready for this incredible DJ Mix!