Ben Gomori – Monochord, Tough Deep House!!

One of the UK’s house music backbones and a stand up producer & supporter of good music overall Ben Gomori joins the ARCo. family with this incredible 2 song release.

Brilliantly crafted House Music delivered with finesse. In places these two songs cover the deeper side of house music but can be definite and aggressive to keep your dance-floor busy. Let’s face it, deep house isn’t what it used to be and it is currently being dragged through the commercial market but with this superb release Ben has comfortably brought that sound we love and keep in such high regard back to its original space. ‘Monochord’ is punchy, edgy & flowing and is well coupled with ‘Be About It’, a more thoughtful and rootsy number that you won’t struggle to fit into your sets either, this is just very good music!

This is a great label debut from a very talented man. This is a must have in your collection.

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